1. whenever i try and learn something new

    1. me: It seems that I am not immediately excellent at this
    2. me:
    3. me:
    4. me:
    5. me:
    6. me: it is because I am a failure
    7. me: everything I touch dies

  2. owlwright:

    me: *drinks water* health god

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  3. heyfunniest:

    mlem mlem mlem mlem

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  4. tastefullyoffensive:

    "Who dares disturb my slumber?" [x]

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  5. traynors:

    you dont just play the sims. you go on a sims binge for three days straight then put the game down for 5 months

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  7. kickass-pics:

    it comes with 2 subwoofers 

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  9. Men would prefer if feminist activism was the way women are already socialized to be: passive, placating, male appeasing, self-blaming and overall, submissive.

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